Clarke International University ODeL Platform

Clarke International University ODeL Platform

Challenge Presented

Clarke International University needed a high-quality eLearning service to support its transition to full-time online teaching and learning as recommended by the Ministry of Education and NCHE. The learning management system was meant to be a central point for all learning content. CIU also had a specific need for its faculty to demonstrate eLearning competencies before their engagement with ODeL.



eRyte Limited provided the following:

Moodle in the Cloud: eRyte provided a cloud-based ready to use platform for Clarke International University; a service that would eliminate server maintenance tasks and associated risks of a local installation. The University benefits from regular system upgrades, plugin installations, and feature enhancements all done as part of eRyte’s backend professional support role.

Intensive Faculty Training: We trained CIU’s members of staff on how to set up and manage online courses, enroll and manage students and co-teachers online, conduct online periodic assessment and exams as well as preparation of grade reports.

Hand-holding Support for Content Upload: As part of the premium subscription, eRyte works very closely with CIU’s academic staff to transfer their content onto the eLearning platform.

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